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Revered By Ancient Egyptians, Researched By Modern Scientists

Cherished by ancient cultures, discover this secret that helps maintain radiant skin and vibrant health.
Revered By Ancient Egyptians, Researched By Modern Scientists
Cherished by ancient cultures, discover this secret that helps maintain radiant skin and vibrant health.
Discover This Secret Now

Discover This Secret Now

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Meet Keri Berardinelli

Hi there and welcome!
My name is Keri Berardinelli and I am a serious essential oil and holistic-living advocate! Yes, our ancient ancestors were aware and knowledgeable about true body/mind/spirit wholeness!  To live in harmony with your environment and your own body, by eating organic foods, respecting and connecting with nature, as examples, are not  new concepts, however, its been forgotten.  I believe that my life purpose is to remind my peers, clients and family of this amazing secret, from using  God's plant oils to other forms of holistic living.  Speaking of oils, I don't know what I'd do without my oils, as I use them on a daily basis. I can show you how, as long as you're ready!  

My background in holistic living started as a young girl. I realized at a young age that clean eating made logical sense to me. I am now in my early 40's, so you can just imagine how people viewed me, adults and kids alike, as a weirdo! I can remember, throughout the years, being ashamed of my lifestyle preferences and I tried to hide them from friends and some family members. Even today, with all the progress we've made, as a society, in accepting clean eating,  exercise, meditation, natural healing, etc., we still have a long way to go and, although I'm no longer ashamed of who I am, I do realize the limits of people whom I coach and educate.  Essential oils are one of those limits, as people don't quite understand how they work. Well, I'm happy to meet you where ever you are at in your journey and I encourage you to embrace the transformation that occurs when you start on this mind-altering path, as you will never quite view the world the same again. 

As a Holistic Practitioner I am certified and licensed in the following: Holistic Health Coaching, I-ACT Advanced-Level Colon Hydrotherapy (another poorly misunderstood therapy tool, requiring guidance and education), Elemental Reflexology, and Licensed Advanced Aesthetics.  In performing all these great therapies on clients, requires essential oils, as far as I'm concerned, to heighten the results and experience, and I implement the best Young Living oils into all of these therapies.

Utilizing my skills as a Holistic Practitioner, as well as, my personal knowledge and experience being on this holistic journey for most of my life, my niche areas to assist your health and growth are in: digestive wellness, detoxification support, emotional support, with an emphasis on anxiety and its symptoms, and last, over-all skin health, with an emphasis on anti-aging without implementing unwanted toxins or scary topical procedures. 

 In addition to the therapies I offer at my center, I will teach you to take control of your own health, at home, using these highly effective essential oils for A-Z care, implementing supplements to balance, implementing  stress reduction/management techniques and reducing your chemical exposure; from the foods you consume to your everyday home and work environments, I will teach you to replace toxic products with non-toxic products.

 If you are challenged in any one of these areas (above) and are looking for some direction using natural methods of balance, I'd invite you to contact me today. 

In Great Health and Mood,
Keri Berardinelli 

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